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Saw this on deviant art, and had to share.

Mother Gaia, by humon…



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Figure 1“It’s not just a head thing, this is very much a heart issue. … Many conservatives I think see action on climate change as really an attack on a way of life. The reason that we need the science to be wrong is otherwise, we realize that we need to change. That’s really a hard pill to swallow — that the whole way I’ve created my life is wrong, you’re saying? That I shouldn’t have this house in the suburbs, that I shouldn’t be driving this car. … And you’re not going to tell me to live the way that you want to live. And along come some people sowing some doubt, and it’s pretty effective, because I’m looking for that answer.

“I want it to be that the science is not real.”

~Former South Carolina Congressman Bob Inglis on the need to resist the conclusions of science in the denial “community”, from the documentary “Merchants of Doubt”Powell Pie Chart 2

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From a study on whether conservative white males are more likely than other groups to subscribe to climate change denial.


► Conservative white males are more likely than other Americans to report climate change denial.

► Conservative white males who self-report understanding global warming very well are even more likely.

► Climate change denial is an example of identity-protective cognition.

► System-justifying tendencies lead to climate change denial.

► Climate change denial increased from 2001 to 2010.

I’ll leave it to you to figure out the obvious, but it may be worth noting that Western (and world) history is replete with examples of entrenched groups wielding power and influence disproportionate to their percentage of the greater population … and the negative effect they have on the nation-state they are part of.

Find the study here.

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