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What you should know

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Me and a Gun

gunI have, of late, given thought to purchasing a gun.

There are many reasons for this.



Drawing lines in the sand.

Preparing for the inevitable apocalypse.

A quick exit.

In the end, the reason I don’t remains the most important: I have never owned a gun because, in a society such as ours, if we are as enlightened and exceptional as we believe ourselves to be, we should never need to.

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Next year is the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Poland.

75 years.


The Fall of Berlin, 1945

The Fall of Berlin, 1945

It seems we were just talking about the 50th Anniversary.

And then the thought comes that the guns of August echoed across the European Continent 25 years prior to Poland.


Time passes.


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voyager-popupDifferent things hit us different ways. Today has been a biggie. I’ve been reading sci-fi for … well … probably longer than most of you have been alive. I watched the space race from its inception, watched primitive probes live on TV as they were intentionally crashed into the moon, paid attention as we flew by the inner planets and out to Mars, was listening and watching as we first orbited the earth, performed the space walks,  and then orbited the moon. And then we landed people on the moon – and brought them back! I gathered with friends to watch the Jupiter flybys in color, and then the swings past Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, followed the Viking landing on Mars … all the while reading sci-fi and dreaming galactic empires and interstellar adventures.

Today it’s official: Voyager 1 entered interstellar space.Voyager Bubble

We’re so jaded, I think, spoiled by technologies that are universally beholden to the science that made the moon landings and robot explorers possible. It seems quaint, old school … a by-our-standards hopelessly obsolete spacecraft that is doing things no one dreamed.voyager-1024x791

I dunno if we’ll ever get a second act, given the way we are treating our planet and environment, but it remains amazing that we went from a time when chiseling an axe-head with stone was considered high-tech, to reaching the realm of deep space, leaving there an artifact that will wander the ink black night between stars far past even the memory of our species.

As long as Voyager survives, something of us will, too.

I think that is pretty amazing. Haunting, maybe a little sad, but amazing nonetheless.Animation of Voyager 1

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If You

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